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To some people, a car is not just a car. It’s like a baby to them. They cannot withstand any anomaly in their car. They take it to the garage for a regular servicing like the fluid check, air pressure check and keep it tip top all the time. And not only them, we all should do the same. After all, not every day you buy a new car. And more importantly, keeping your car well checked all the time can increase your car’s life expectancy. But in all these, we tend to forget a very important issue. Windows and windshields! And even if someone cares about it, the rear windows and windshields are the most left out ones. While these glasses have more importance on your life than you think. So today we will talk about some ways which you can follow to keep your glasses good and strong.

Ways of protecting glasses

There are several ways through which you can take care of your car’s windows and glasses. Just have a look at the following sections:

  • Cleaning is important

Bugs, dirt, water marks, and bird droppings – all of them can make your windows dirty. Especially your windshields suffer from all these problems. So keeping your glasses clean all the time is very important. Every once in a month you should do a thorough glass cleaning with high-quality glass cleaners. And don’t forget to do it both outside and inside. Oh, there is that rear windshield too.

  • Replace the wipers

Wipers will wear out with time. Or they may tear apart for various causes. And if something like that happens, they do more damage than anything. For example, if you have a loose worn out wiper, the metal strips will leave everlasting scratches. Scratches that won’t go away with anything other than a windshield replace. So when you notice a loose wiper, it’s better to change the pair and install a new one.

  • Keep secure distance from the cars ahead

While playing on the road, be sure to keep a safe distance from the traffic in front of you. Because if you are on an unpaved road the vehicles in front of you will kick up pebbles and gravels at you. And a simple and tiny chip, at a great speed, can do so much damage to your windshield that you may need an auto glass repair. So drive safe and at a good distance.

  • Parking in shades where possible

If you park your car under direct sunlight, your car windows are more likely to get damaged sooner. So try parking under some shade where there is an option.

Following all these rules still, can’t suffice at times. Because who can predict about an accident! If something like that happens and your windshields or windows get damaged, it is advisable to consult with an auto glass professional right away. And that’s where we come in. We are Duran’s Auto Glass providing services like auto glass repair and windshield replacement. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and you’re having issues with your car windows, just remember, we are just a phone call away.

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