It’s a warm and sunny day. You are in a good mood behind the steering wheel of your truck. Your favorite song is being played on the radio. Your speedometer is flashing only 40-50 miles per hour. And suddenly the road beneath the tires become rough. There are gravels and debris all over the road. You have become more conscious than before while driving. Still the debris are going airborne sometimes. One of such rock hits your windshield and WHAM! There is crack on it. No matter how conscious your driving is, this thing can happen to you at any time. And certainly, that’s not a good experience.

If something like this happens to you, the first thing you do after reaching your desired destination is, you contact with the glass repairing companies. And there comes all the confusions. When you try to find out a suitable glass repairing company, you find that everyone is claiming that they are the best in the market, no matter if they have any prior experience of this sort of service or not. Everybody claims that they have the best professionals. Everybody’s cost is low. And let’s be honest, this type of claim is a must for today’s business scenario. So you get in some sort of a fix about what to do and whom to choose. Want to hear an advice? Always go to the bigger and experienced ones. Because they know what they are doing and only they can offer you good service in a reasonable price.

Who are we?

At this point of time you are wondering, why are we talking about all these and who are we? Well, we are a reliable auto glass repairing company and we go by the name “Duran’s Auto Glass”. Okay hold on a sec, don’t come into conclusions just yet that we are like hundreds others in the industry with all mouth and no performance. Let us first discuss about our key points.

Why Us?

Established in 1994, the Duran’s Auto Glass has served as a professional auto glass repairing service in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. At Duran’s we offer glass repairing to practically any type of vehicle of any brand. Specializing in heavy truck windshield repairing and replacement, we are doing business in this area with great customer satisfaction. We offer our services at your convenient time. We know that having your vehicle on road is of highest priority to you. So we have arranged our services in a way that you don’t need to lengthen your visit. But that’s not all. As we believe in quality service on time, we also offer a FREE mobile repairing option for you. Wherever your truck is, we are just a call away. And all these come in a very reasonable price. We’re not telling you to take our words for granted.