Having a car can have its perks. You own a car and it doesn’t face an accident, is almost a long gone conclusion. Driving through the freeways with a 90 miles reading on your speedometer and suddenly a small piece of stone flies towards you and hit your windshield! And you are left with a damaged windshield.

What to do then?

For such moments you have either of the two solutions. You go along with it and wait till you get back to your mechanic for a replacement, or you can do it instantly. There are a couple of good Windshield Replacement in South San Francisco who offer really good service. And guess what, they even offer free mobile service! Which means, you don’t need to go to the garage, rather the garage will come to you. On top of everything, it’s FREE. Amazing, isn’t it!

Not only a replacement, you may need an Auto Glass Repair in South San Francisco too. But how to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary is a bit confusing for you. In this case you will need a glass expert. When you contact a company, they will provide you such experts who can tell you what you need to do.

While figuring out whether to repair or replace your windshield, consider some facts.

If there is a 3/8 inches chip on your windshield and at least 3 inches long cracks, they will suggest you to change the entire windshield. They will even consider a replacement if the cracks are on the edge of the windshield because they tend to spread with time. Cracks in your line of vision is also replaceable. Only if there is a tiny crack somewhere in the middle that’s not causing any further problem with your vision, the experts will suggest you for a repair. Though they will tell you to repair it as soon as possible because eventually a crack left unaddressed can amass too much dirt in it with time which makes it impossible to repair.

What You should do:

Now if you are finding a good auto glass repair or a windshield replacement in South San Francisco area, you may find a handful. All of them offer good quality service to their customers. All you have to do is, you have to search for the best windshield repair and replacement companies in your area and give them a call. You can call for a free quote anytime. Or you can contact them via email. Almost all the good companies are very responsive and have typically an average of 4-6 hours response time. Just tell them your problems and they will provide you an expert who will suggest you what to do in that regard. And if you choose to use their service, they will provide you with options about how to use it, where and for how much. So don’t worry if you see a cracked window someday, you have options.